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Dec 15

WCM BootCamp: Day One – Master Pages

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I am sorry this has taken so long, I have been without internet for a while. I am glancing over some of the things we learnt, so please download Michaels’ Power Point presentation. This post and the next one are about what I picked up and where I was amazed the most. And to fully grasp what we learnt, sign up for the next BootCamp. I’ll be there, VM in hand.

Day one of training saw us jumping straight into working with the Master Pages. I didn’t realize the power of a well thought out page. We worked with the brilliantly thought out Starter Page by Randy Drisgill (, and I started to finally see HOW those beautiful SharePoint sites were created. I have been hacking away at v4.master for the past 5 months. Yes I got my results, but after many late nights and hitting my head against my desk and threatening to become a paralegal secretary. So this for me was pure genius! We played with Page Layouts and yet another light went on. I have already implemented this into my one live site. I could never figure out how people displayed their pages so brilliantly, and not “SharePoint Default” . To be completely honest, Learning to work with Page Layouts opened up a huge flood gate for me in my head.

One of the best Tips Michael gave us is this:
Create your website, design it, HTML it (no tables just divs, divs, divs!) and THEN start putting it into the Starter Master page.

I also got introduced to the wonder that is Meta Data.
What is Meta Data?
A hierarchical collection of centrally managed terms that you can define and then use as attributes for items in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. I didn’t see the point of it at first, and thought the only application was for searching. But I finally understood.Without meta data SharePoint is just another Document storage site, with it, and it brings the true power of SharePoint and Content Management to your site.

I will write more later, I have to get back to work :) I have a Master page with my name on it.


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