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Jun 7

SharePoint 2010 Designs

I have included a few of the designs I created for SharePoint 2010. I started branding SharePoint in 2009. Client logos have been cut out, and some text has been blurred. For my complete

Mar 1

From Design to CSS and HTML

One of the major challenges for a SharePoint Designer is taking a design and working it into HTML and CSS. I have been working hard on two sites – My personal one and Veronique

Feb 9
The SharePoint Designer: How I did the Design

The SharePoint Designer: How I did the Design

AS SEEN ON WWW.NOTHINGBUTSHAREPOINT.COM : The Creation of a branded SharePoint2010 site ___________________________________________________________________________ Designing is not a science, it is an art. Inspiration comes from the strangest places and people. Page Content Since the launch of SharePoint 2010

Dec 1

Colours and Combinations

I spent most of last night playing with Adobe PhotoShop CS, playing with colour combinations. I have a few ideas in my head, which I have to put to canvas for a friends SharePoint

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