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Jun 16

Tutorial – Working with Master Pages Part One

Over the past few weeks, I have had many requests to “de-code” the starter master page, and also stop SharePoint Designer putting the fear of Geek into every one. So I have put together

May 26

The ‘Fantastic 40’ SharePoint Jokes

One of my face books friends linked me to Paul Swiders blog entry called the ‘The ‘Fantastic 40’ SharePoint Jokes’ -> I couldn’t stop laughing for about 20 mins – Go read the whole

Apr 30

SharePoint 2010 Masterpages and CSS

Matthew Hughes of has created a ready to use master page and linked css for SharePoint 2010.  It includes an orange and a blue version for free use on any SharePoint site. What

Apr 12
Adding a Touch of Glamour: Part One (as seen on NBSP)

Adding a Touch of Glamour: Part One (as seen on NBSP)

PUBLISHED FIRST ON WWW.NOTHINGBUTSHAREPOINT.COM When people think of SharePoint, the general impression is boring to look at, but they have to use it, because that’s where all the information is. This post is

Mar 1

From Design to CSS and HTML

One of the major challenges for a SharePoint Designer is taking a design and working it into HTML and CSS. I have been working hard on two sites – My personal one and Veronique

Feb 9
The SharePoint Designer: How I did the Design

The SharePoint Designer: How I did the Design

AS SEEN ON WWW.NOTHINGBUTSHAREPOINT.COM : The Creation of a branded SharePoint2010 site ___________________________________________________________________________ Designing is not a science, it is an art. Inspiration comes from the strangest places and people. Page Content Since the launch of SharePoint 2010

Jan 26

Setting Anonymous Access to Lists and other tribbles.

Tonight was a comedy of errors. I had to fix up a site I had done, because some things were just *not* working after a “re-do”.  So lets work through my issues and my

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