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Sep 9

[Humour] Lessons learnt when working late, and on deadline.

This was written by me in 2008 at 4am. I laughed when I read it again today.  I was working as a tester for a web application company. We were on our 4th night

Jun 25
#SharePointProverbs : Humour :)

#SharePointProverbs : Humour :)

On Thursday night a trend started on twitter called #SharePointProverbs – started by Joy Earles – I found it absolutely brilliant, and very funny, so here it is – Proverbs By the SharePoint Community

May 26

The ‘Fantastic 40’ SharePoint Jokes

One of my face books friends linked me to Paul Swiders blog entry called the ‘The ‘Fantastic 40’ SharePoint Jokes’ -> I couldn’t stop laughing for about 20 mins – Go read the whole

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