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May 8

SharePoint.Respond – Almost There!

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Major progress was made today. It is great because I will be adding these changes to my clients site to make theirs better. The lessons learned here are:

1. Navigation shouldn’t take up your whole screen in tablet and in Mobile ‘views’.
2. Same goes for Quick Launch.
3. On a Tablet – content can be shown on the landing page, just need to make sure your columns respond nicely
4. 320px is the smallest smart phone screen width – Black Berry Curve
5. 320px is a bitch.

I am still working on Mobile View and the custom web part page for the landing page. But here we go, as promised. Currently time spent since “idea” – 28 hours


TABLET VIEW: 800px – 500px width

AND MOBILE VIEW: 499px – 320px width


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  1. BelindaNo Gravatar

    May 9, 2012


    thanks for informative post. i am pleased sure this post has helped me save many hours of browsing other similar posts just to find what i was looking for.

  2. MarlonNo Gravatar

    May 10, 2012


    Brilliant…Loving it Louise. Just really hope you had time free to help me:-) Or…maybe I should learn to do this myself :-)

    • Louise van der BijlNo Gravatar

      May 10, 2012


      I am getting it all ready to go live. Just making my top nav a user control – bloody code blocks 😛

  3. TheresaNo Gravatar

    December 19, 2012


    Hi There! You did a nice job with this design, can you share what method you used to get the mobile view?

    Thank you!


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