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Aug 25


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After taking a month off to sort out my personal and professional life, I have decided to offer up my theme building services to the community. So over the next three weeks I will be taking theme requests and making a few themes for every one to use. If you have a theme you need built for your SharePoint 2010 site, leave a comment and a valid email address and I will email you :) – the only ‘pay off’ is that I will do a mini blog about each theme request and the ending result.

What I will require from you (when I email you) if the logo of the site, the base colours you usually use (send me a letter head :) ) and I will get stuck in to help you out. All themes are free to use, and are not allowed to be sold.

So what do you need? How can I HELP you :)


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  1. Gene VangampelaereNo Gravatar

    August 25, 2011


    Hi Louise,

    Can you create a theme for our SP2010 intranet based on our public website: ?

  2. Veronique PalmerNo Gravatar

    August 25, 2011


    Is it cheeky to request a new design? :) I’m bored with the old one.

  3. MaryNo Gravatar

    August 29, 2011


    I am working on my site to put on SharePoint 2010 for my SharePoint end user students to learn SharePoint… How about a Smileyface Theme.


  4. Gerard SudderthNo Gravatar

    December 8, 2011


    How do you start your own website to advertise your new business?

    • Louise van der BijlNo Gravatar

      January 9, 2012


      Hi Gerard. Honestly I would suggest starting with a WordPress site – there are thousands of free templates and it is easy to use. Shout if you need help

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