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Jun 16

Parameters and Content Query Webparts

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The biggest difference between SharePoint 2013 Standard and Enterprise for me is the Content Search Query Web part and the search related web parts. Call me an elitist but I almost come to a stand still when I don’t have my favourite web parts on call. On a recent project I was forced to think out the Enterprise box and thanks to colleague I learnt a new trick (new to me, but this has been a work around since SharePoint 2007).

The Problem:

1 list, a column called category which was linked to a managed metadata term set, and a navigation requirement to have a page with a show of the list items per category.

The Solution:


The How To:

This article explains how to use the url to filter your content query web part. And for me this was a game changer.

Patrick Liang explains how you can use your navigation (I used a term set for mine) to control your “Additional Filter” in your web part.

If you want to filter a Content Query Web Part with the parameters from URL, we can achieve it with OOTB of Content Query Web Part by adding “Additional Filters” in “Web Part Properties”->”Query”. We can add three filters like:

date is greater than [PageQueryString:DateFrom]


date is less than [PageQueryString:DateTo]


type is equal to [PageQueryString:Type]

Then redirect to the URL:, the query results will be filtered.




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