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Feb 8

I am going, why aren’t you? DevConf 2016

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DevConf 2016

Be inspired regardless of your specific technology stack or programming language of choice.

This is the first of many exciting developer focused conferences. The value for your team, and you personally is invaluable. I am going because I want to better my skills and expand my horizons. I can sure you want the same for you and yours. Come on, I dare you to better yourself.




DevConf serves to inspire software developers with a range of topics applicable to software development. From keeping up to date with the latest technologies and trends to tackling the challenges of working in large enterprise systems – it’s a buffet of experiences, ideas and pragmatic advice as well as an opportunity to connect with peers across the industry.
Event Details
Date: 8 March 2016
Time: 08h00 – 18h00
Venue: Riversands Incubation Hub, Fourways, Johannesburg

Enhance your culture

Each organisation has its own culture. Yet, it’s important to occasionally step outside of the organisation and see what others are doing – get new ideas and gain different perspectives. DevConf is the perfect meeting place where developers get to take a step back, see what other developers are doing, and use that to improve the skills and processes within their organisation.

World-class expert speakers

DevConf is hosting speakers from three different continents who have presented numerous sessions across South Africa and the world. Our South African speakers are considered to be among the best in the country. Your technical staff will learn and glean from people who are acknowledged experts in their specialist areas.

Real-world relevance

DevConf speakers are practitioners, not theoreticians. They’ve “been there and done it”. They are actively involved in real-world software projects, for a variety of organisations and across a wide range of industry sectors. Their advice is pragmatic, implementable and valuable.

Broad choice of topics

DevConf facilitates six tracks simultaneously, ensuring that delegates have a broad choice of topics and are able to choose a relevant session for each time slot.

Value for Money

The cost of attending DevConf is on par with the cost of a one-day workshop. And the delegates’ exposure to a wide range of topics which are relevant to current challenges and which enable delegates to address future challenges, is of immeasurable value.

Independent Perspectives

DevConf is owned and run by the software development community and not by a specific tool vendor. DevConf’s independence is important – it allows us to say things as they are. Having no hidden sales agenda, ensures the authenticity of the sessions.

Focus on the entire lifecycle of software development

DevConf is a technical conference for software developers, database-focussed professionals, software deployment teams, team leads and solution architects. The sessions address the complexities of understanding, designing, developing, deploying software and managing teams.

Inspire both new and experienced software developers

Attending a conference and being exposed to the knowledge and experience being shared is very inspiring for new software developers. Experienced software developers benefit from finding out where to focus their energy to keep your organisation moving in the right direction and on trend.

Tech years are like dog years

Things move quickly in the software development world. If your technical staff members are not kept up to speed with the latest technologies, trends and developments they might get left behind. DevConf empowers your staff members by keeping them abreast of current developments, and offering them insight into what lies ahead on the horizon.

Reward your staff

Sending your technical staff members to DevConf is a way of rewarding their commitment and demonstrates to them that their contribution is valued by your organisation, both now and for the future of the organisation.


The standard price for one ticket is R2 166, with a 5% discount for orders of 5 or more and 10% discount for orders of 10 or more.
Tickets can be purchased on the DevConf website:

For any further information or assistance, please contact the DevConf team at

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