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Nov 13

Changing Tracks for 2013 from Scratch

After a brilliant talk by Simon Stewart at Johannesburg’s Microsoft community night last night, I have decided to change my track, and create a Pure CSS SharePoint Template. Like Bootstrap for SharePoint by Liam Powell,

Oct 20

SharePoint 2013 From Scratch: Step 3 – Designing your content

Time to make things happen with your SharePoint 2013 design.  You might want to catch up with us, so down load the .PSD file, or if you have been following this serious, you will

Oct 7

JQuery Rotating Banner for SharePoint 2013

With my current project in Office 365, I had a need for a rotating banner that I could place in my master page. After a few trials and errors, and a huge amount of

Sep 26

SharePoint 2013 From Scratch: Step 2, Designing the top banner

Today we are going to take our wireframes and make them “a reality”. So lets get started. I did a search to find a Photoshop template of SharePoint 2013 and found this fantastic one from Erik

Sep 25

SharePoint 2013 From Scratch: Step 1, Wireframes

With SharePoint 2013 starting to take hold, I want to show you how to get your own 2013 site up, running and responsive. Over the next posts I will start at the Design, right

Apr 2

Winson Wolf’s World Map – CSS and JQuery Magic

I got to work with Winston Wolf’s Clickable World Map today – a serious marvel of CSS and JQuery. It is free, and so I thought I would share it with you – my

Mar 30

HTML 5 – Media Query Starter Kit

I have had the good fortune and pleasure of working with one of ZA’s most brilliant SharePoint UX and Front end specialists. We are focusing on responsive design in SharePoint 2010.  One of the tricks shown

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