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Nov 28

A journey begins with a single step.

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A saying that is very true, and this is my first step into the world of Technical Blogging.

I have only spent about 6 months in the world of SharePoint 2010, and already it has seduced me with its’ finicky temperament and down right powerful ‘real world’ application. So, in trying to figure out in what direction I wanted to move to and set down my roots in , I sat down with South Africa’s Top Business User (and Trainer, and planner) Veronique Palmer and she listened to my experience and what I thought I was good at and said something that has now changed my career path; “SharePoint Designer. There are not enough, and you can be the best”.  So here I am :)

The purpose of this blog is to write about my experiences, my troubles, my victories and to pass on any knowledge that I have come across in the world of SP-Blogging ™. I will introduce you to the wonders that are Veronique Palmer, Dave Coleman, SPDan (and so many more) and all the wonderful people who get involved with the TechNet Forum.

I also want to offer my own “SharePoint Agony Aunt” when it comes to design and layout of SharePoint 2010. But we will get there :)

So here is to SharePoint, may she be kind to me :)



  1. Veronique PalmerNo Gravatar

    November 28, 2010


    Welcome to the world of blogging Lou! Thanks for your kind words. I am confident you are going to write a great series of posts. Just decide who your target audience is going to be – and write for them only, don’t try be all things to all people. You’ll nail it. Looking forward to seeing you achieve great things in sunny South Africa. Good luck hun.

  2. Dave ColemanNo Gravatar

    November 28, 2010


    Welcome to the SharePoint blog world Lou i have found it very addictive and i love it hopefully you will find the same. Do not be dishearted by low numbers (They will rise) and keep plodding on you will get there.

    I think Veronique was correct there just is not enough people writing about SharePoint designer so please keep the content coming.

    Best of luck


  3. Matthew HughesNo Gravatar

    November 28, 2010


    Welcome to the world of SharePoint blogging, I have just started up again after what seems like an eternity.
    If you like helping people then this is the way to do it :)


    • spadmindNo Gravatar

      November 28, 2010


      Thanks so much matt :) My first post will be tommorow, today I am getting this blog to look good :)

  4. Gene VangampelaereNo Gravatar

    November 28, 2010


    great! another SPD blogger. looking forward to read your posts.

  5. autism symptomsNo Gravatar

    December 6, 2010


    Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.

  6. Young RedfordNo Gravatar

    December 12, 2010


    Great post!

  7. SEO bostonNo Gravatar

    December 13, 2010


    I guess I agree with what you are saying although I don’t want too :p

  8. KarenNo Gravatar

    August 20, 2011


    I very much agree! Every big goal should start with a single step. Make your goals by starting with little actions. It’s the best way of achieving what you wanted.

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