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The SharePoint Experience and The SharePoint Designer is a company dedicated to User Interfaces and User Experiences.

What started out as Louise van der Bijl’s personal brand; ‘The SharePoint Designer’ has now grown into a consulting company that can help take your SharePoint, Web, Application and Mobile Experience to the next level.

We specialise in SharePoint Interface design and development, and we also have expanded this knowledge and passion to all web and mobile application interfaces. We are not bound by a single platform or device. Supported by various partners, there is no gap that cannot be bridged, and no application that cannot hit its’ target with your audience.

Jun 16

Parameters and Content Query Webparts

The biggest difference between SharePoint 2013 Standard and Enterprise for me is the Content Search Query Web part and the search related web parts. Call me an elitist but I almost come to a

Feb 8

I am going, why aren’t you? DevConf 2016

DevConf 2016 Be inspired regardless of your specific technology stack or programming language of choice. This is the first of many exciting developer focused conferences. The value for your team, and you personally is invaluable. I

Jan 4

JQuery AutoComplete, Google Location AutoComplete and SharePoint 2013

In a recent project I came up again the chaos that is the JQuery AutoComplete widget, and additionally the Google Search Location Auto Complete drop down list. When you do the append with normal html

May 28

Adding links to the Office 365 App Bar in SharePoint Online

When you are using Office 365 in its totality, you notice a difference in the top bar. In SharePoint Online (when not using the rest of O365) your top bar is called the Suite

May 29

Trouble with Tribbles: Composed Looks, Custom CSS and Master Pages

This week I was faced with a challenge of creating a custom composed look, with a custom master page as well as themeable style sheet, that could change via “Change the Look”.  I followed

Nov 13

Changing Tracks for 2013 from Scratch

After a brilliant talk by Simon Stewart at Johannesburg’s Microsoft community night last night, I have decided to change my track, and create a Pure CSS SharePoint Template. Like Bootstrap for SharePoint by Liam Powell,

Oct 20

SharePoint 2013 From Scratch: Step 3 – Designing your content

Time to make things happen with your SharePoint 2013 design.  You might want to catch up with us, so down load the .PSD file, or if you have been following this serious, you will

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